School Fees and More...

Collect School Fees

Each school can use our "" url to manage the collection of any school fee. Collect academic fees, athletic fees, drama fees and even field trip fees. Define a schedule, specify the "menu" of fees to be collected and then let parents register their students and pay any required fees. Payment is collected through PayPal to minimize the costs to the school and to ensure a high level of comfort and trust from your parents.

Each schedule defined can apply to certain grades or classes so as to limit errors and confusion. Once payments are made simply generate payment reports and post the information to your accounting system. Alternatively you can download a spreadsheet detailing each students payments for loading into your school database.

Field Trip Fees

Parents can register and pay for field trips on-line and the registration is an electronic permission form saving considerable time for office staff and teachers.

Other On-Line Applications

Hot Lunches On-Line:
Easy to use yet powerful system for the placing and management of school hot lunch programs. No transaction fees, no limits on the number of menu dates, menu items, number of orders or frequency of order placement.
School Year Book Orders On-Line:
Simple, easy to use on-line system for the processing and management of yearbook sales
On-Line Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling:
School Appointments On-Line is an innovative web service for scheduling parent teacher interviews without tying up valuable school administrative resources

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