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This powerful application will make your school hot lunch program easier to manage and save your school hundreds of dollars by tracking outstanding orders, ensuring accuracy of order calculations and providing accurate supplier order quantities.

Take control of your hot lunch service and make the process easier for everyone. This system will save time and require less effort for the hot lunch team at your school.

Hot Lunches
Hot Lunches
Unlimited Order/Payment Schedules
Unlimited Menu Dates
Unlimited Menu and Payment Items
Drag and Drop Sorting of Menu Items
Copy Menus
Link Menus for Administrator and/or for Parents
Process Orders for Anything Such as School Supplies, Tickets, School Fees or Fund Raising Items
Create Order Forms for Selected Classes or for the Whole School
Manage Your Suppliers and Products
Unlimited Products Per Supplier
Accept On-line Orders
Easily Process Paper Orders
Optionally Accept On-line Payments (PayPal or Bambora Payments)
Offer Discounts for On-line Orders and Payments
Special Prices for Staff or Select Families
Implement Different Prices for On-line and Paper Orders
Manage Concession Order Items
Generate Labels for Lunch Items
Post Cheques and Cash Payments
Track Outstanding Balances
Manage Costs by Hot Lunch Menu Date
Track Miscellaneous Expenses and Revenue
Generate Supplier Orders
Produce Classroom Reports
Report of Unpaid Orders
Report of Inactive Orders
Staff Categories
Staff List for Parents
Track Student Allergies
Class/Student Contact Lists for Parents
Track User Logins
Manage User Accounts and Balances
Transaction Reports by Date and/or by User and/or by Transaction Type
Generate Payment Summary Reports
Generate Payment Detail Reports
Generate Notices for Staff
Generate Math Worksheets for Students
Customize Background Image and/or Colour
Change Colour Scheme
On-line Document Management (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
Volunteer Signup System
Setup the Application on Your Own URL ie. or
Manage E-mail address at Your Council Web Address (for schools with their own URL)
On-line Classified Ad System
On-line Event Calendar
On-Line Photo Gallery System
Email Broadcast System for Notifications and Newsletters
Send Customizable Email Notifications to Parents with Outstanding Balances
On-line Help
Email Support Included
Regular Annual Price
Early Bird Discount Offer April to June each year

What our clients say

Hot Lunches Online

We were on a web-based program prior to coming onto Our program was very basic but it suited our needs. However, due to support issues, we had to investigate other options and was the one we chose. No regrets. This program is so powerful, flexible and easy for anyone to use. The support is second to none. And Mark, what can I say about Mark; he is a technical genius and extremely patient with those of us who are technically challenged. It is rare to meet a "techie" who is so good with people. I love that if we question him on why the program does this and not that, all of a sudden you will get an update saying that what you mentioned is changed. Coming from a background of very little support, it is a real treat dealing with Mark.

- Lesley Hart - Stoneybrook Public School (London, Ontario)

Hot Lunches Online

I am a parent on the HOT LUNCH COMITTEE from Carnarvon Community School in Vancouver and have just started to use the program since September after many years of frustrations with PAPER orders. I have found an overwhelmingly positive response from parents who have found it easy and fast to use( and love the paypal option) and from our hot lunch committee who have found pizza days go faster and smoother. I had and still have questions as they come up with the system and Mark is very fast at responding to all my emails. All in all, a good choice by our school.

- Helen Reid - Carnarvon Community School (Vancouver, B.C.)

Hot Lunches Online

The Belgo PAC purchased the program in June 2009, and began using the program for hot lunch orders this September. We can not say enough positive things about this program, it is extremely easy to use and a phenomenal organizational tool. We have not encountered any "glitches" and all of the transactions and ordering has been smooth and hassle free.

Additionally, the customer service Mark Fester provides is extraordinary. He always returns calls and emails in a timely manner and provides regular updates in relation to program changes etc. Mark has modified the program based on customer suggestions and we were especially impressed when he took the time to meet with us personally when we were considering purchasing the program.

The PAC at Belgo Elementary will continue to purchase the program, and it is well worth the cost.

- Amber Himbeault - Ecole Belgo Elementary (Kelowna, B.C.)

Hot Lunches Online

At Acme School, we used the Hot Lunch Program for a few years before we decided in September to switch to another program. After 4 months of frustration with the other program, we decided to return to Hot Lunches in January 2018. Best decision ever!
It only makes sense to use a program that was designed for that reason. The support I receive is also amazing.

- Connie Rieger - Acme School (Acme, Alberta)

Hot Lunches Online

Thanks, and can I tell you how absolutely amazing it was to press a key and get a delivery order last week? OMG, what was this school waiting for? Truly, mind boggling that people have been manually inputting data for years. I've only been in the position for 5 months and kicking myself it took me as long as it did.

- Jen Dodds - Whistler Waldorf School (Whistler, BC)

Hot Lunches Online

Wanted to say Thank you for another great year of hot lunches!!! Thanks for always being available to answer my questions.

- Holly Martin - Kinnaird Elementary (Castlegar, BC)

Hot Lunches Online

I has to say, amazing job with the site - this is exactly what WRE needed! so much more useful than the official site - i'm wondering if we could just move the newsletters and important dates over here, so i don't need 2 bookmarks :)
Anyways - huge thanks for putting this together - very impressive!

- Mick - White Rock Elementary Parent

Hot Lunches Online

We have been using for several years. In fact, we tried another online system for a year, but came back to The system is logical and easy to use for administrators, and parents. I love the tutorials, and don't usually need help, but when I do, I always get my problem solved fast. is also a convenient place to comply with PAC regulations, and keep copies of your meeting minutes and agendas. These documents can be easily read by your school community.

- Maria Myers - Ecole Woodward Hill (Surrey, BC)

Hot Lunches Online

We are so pleased with the system so far - It will make school hot lunch life so much easier and we look forward to using it for other fundraising within our school as well. Great product!!

- Jen Ferreira - John Dearness PS (London, Ontario)

Hot Lunches Online

You are a star Leann! Thank you so much for these instructions and I did it yesterday. Thank you again for all your help this year.

- Nora Shipton - Westwind Public School (Stittsville, Ontario)

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